Hear with your Eyes
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Nyc Art Enthusiast Studying Criminal Psychology and Journalism ; Hip-Hop, Culture, Albinism, Sunflowers ☼ Broken teeth
"She never looks nice. She looks like art, and art isn't supposed to look nice. It's supposed to make you feel something."

Discover: https://soundcloud.com/atu_n | https://soundcloud.com/sangobeats

Last night Sango sent over this amazing 7 minute edit that Atu and him did of Drake & Jhené Aiko’s ‘From Time’ from NWTS. Anything that Sango & Atu touch is GOLD. Enjoy this one.

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Artwork by Sango




College is viewed as a necessity, yet priced as a luxury.

Realest shit I’ve heard all day!



Majid Jordan - A Place Like This


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